Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Surprise

You know now that even in Kenya we are celebrating St. Nicholas, as the kids get older they also get to experience the Dutch tradition that is similar to 'the Secret Santa' tradition in many English language cultures, but the Dutch one involves crafting!

In my daughter's Dutch language class the kids drew names a few weeks back, with the intention to give the classmate on the ticket a gift and wrap it creatively.  We call it a 'surprise' (imagine a native Dutch speaker pronouncing this English word :-) ).

The gift we bought was in a regular box.  We decided to hide the box in 'the big book of St. Nicholas', in this book all the names of the kids in the world have been recorded along with their deeds. . .

It took us some time to create the base box and it's secret compartment, but it was a lovely experience to do this together.  She liked her first taste and is looking forward to making many more in the future.

Mijn dochter volgt (na-schoolse) Nederlandse les hier in Nairobi, en in haar klas trokken ze een paar weken geleden lootjes voor de Sinterklaas surprise.  Zie hier het boek van Sinterklaas dat we samen maakten en waarin we het kadootje verstopten.

Ze heeft de smaak te pakken, en we kijken uit naar meer surprises in de toekomst!


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