Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smart Phone Cover Tutorial

Here it finally is, the tutorial to make a quick smart phone cover.  A simple idea for a last minute gift!

All you really need is some pieces of wool felt and sewing thread.  I did mine with a sewing machine, but you can also handsew with a blanket stitch.  I used a cookiecutter shape to make an easy reverse applique star.  The double felt top gives some extra protection to the display.

First, trace your phone on a piece of paper, to create a pattern.  Add some millimeters to the sides to ensure that you will have a large enough pouch (for the thickness of the phone - 3 to 5mm should do)

Cut out the pattern and cut it three times out of the felt.

Pin two contrasting pieces of felt together and trace a shape in a magic fabric marker.  BTW - don't you love the warning text on this one?  I guess they did a lot of research to find many people holding the fabric with one hand, and marker in the other to then use your teeth to remove the cap ;-)

Then stitch the shape through the two layers of felt.  Follow the shape two times.

With a seem ripper, carefully remove the top layer of the shape, to show the contrasting colour felt.

Stich the two layers of felt together at the top.

Then pin the back side to the front and stitch the sides and the bottom.
Trim the outside seams to make them even, and you are ready!
A protective phone pouch that still gives you easy access to your phone.

Sorry, geen Nederlands vandaag.  Ik hoop dat jullie de foto's kunnen volgen. . . zo niet, laat het me even weten dan kan ik alsnog vertalen.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial- I am going to make these for my brother and sister's iPods!
    Have a great day :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kylie! Glad to provide some crafting inspiration!

  2. Simple and really cute! Love the addition of a star decoration.

    1. Thanks Angela. . . I was on a roll with making felt crowns with a star and got carried away a little :-)

  3. that' a good one. I like the rounded corners on the bottom.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Basically following the shape of the telephone.