Monday, September 3, 2012

On Safari

We have had a busy time during the school holidays.  The in-laws were with us for five weeks, and then my husband's childhood friend and his family visited for three. A full house, but also a great opportunity to explore the beauty of Kenya with them.

We have been living in Kenya for five years now, but only now made our first trip to the famous Maasai Mara. The kids didn't mind spending hours at an end in the vehicle, as there were many beautiful sights of animals and landscapes.  I'm glad that the love for game viewing and travel has passed onto them as well.

I must admit, while a wildebeest has never been an impressive animal to me, the vast numbers of them due to their famous migration from the Seringeti to the Maasai Mara and back were truly impressive.  Below a selection of pics of this amazing three day family trip:

Taking a closer look

A rare sight: Mama Cheetah with four(!) cubs feasting on a gazelle

A cheetah on a stroll in the gorgeous Mara

Just a lovely pose
A cutie
A family crossing the plains
Chilling in the river
'A spiderman lizard!!!!'
Wildebeest as far as the eye can see. . .
Zebras added to the mix
In awe by the beauty of nature
We hebben een drukke tijd achter de rug hier met de grote school vakantie.  Mijn schoonouders waren vijf weken op visite, en een goede vriend van mijn mam was er met zijn familie voor drie.  Een vol huis, maar ook de mogelijkheid om de schoonheid van Kenia met hun te ontdekken.

Wij wonen nu al vijf jaar in Kenia, maar hebben onlangs onze eerste reis naar het beroemde Maasai Mara gemaaktDe kinderen vonden het niet erg om uren in de safari auto door te brengen, met name omdat er zoveel dieren en schittende landschappen te zien waren.  Ik ben blij dat zij de liefde voor safaris en reizen ook hebben meegekregen. 

Ik moet toegeven dat ik nooit echt onder de indruk was van gnoes, maar het massale aantal dat aanwezig was vanwege de jaarlijkse migratie van de Serengeti naar de Mara en weer terug was erg indrukwekkend.  Hierboven een aantal impressies van deze mooie drie-daagse familie vakantie.


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  1. What an amazing experience for you and your children to see up close! Thank you for sharing your photos.
    ~ joey ~

    1. It is amazing Joey, and it never gets boring to view animals in this manner.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Geweldige foto's!
    Wat leuk om zo mee te kunnen kijken met jullie.
    Groetjes van Mirjam.

  3. Wow lovely to see an outdoor post form another part of the world. Life must be so different in Kenya and that safari trip looks amazing, something we only see on TV! thank you for sharing on Country Kids

    1. Thanks for stopping by. My kids are always in awe of 'regular' farm animals. I guess it is all relative.

  4. Oh, how beautiful!! We just went to the zoo to see the African animals so it was fun to have Hazel here to see the animals we saw at the zoo in your pictures in Kenya. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  5. What an amazing trip you enjoyed! I showed your photos to Dino Boy and he was very excited and a little worried that the animals were in enclosures ;-) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelly. With a game drive like this the people are in enclosures. . . cars. However, the masaai people do walk around with their goat, sheep and cow herds, but in their culture they have learned to live with the 'wild' animals.