Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tour of Nairobi

Are you ever curious what it looks like in my neighbourhood?  You are in luck!  Some baby bunting dolls recently did a little tour.  Read more about it here.

Ben je af en toe nieuwsgierig over hoe het er in mijn woonbuurt eigenlijk uitziet?  Je hebt geluk!  Een paar van mijn baby zakpoppetjes hebben pas geleden een tourtje gemaakt.  Je leest er hier meer over.



  1. Have you been to Nairobi? I have heard a lot about it. Can you help me know from where to get cheap flights to Nairobi? I buy usually from Reliance Travels or Sky Scanner. And which economy air lines fly to Nairobi? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Hi Sandra - thanks for stopping by. We have been in Nairobi for a few years now. A variety of airlines fly to Nairobi, it really depends on where you are in the world to get a the best fare possible.